As one of the world’s leading producers of industrial resins, additives and related products, Momentive Specialty Chemicals, Inc. has 70 years of experience in creating innovative solutions to customers’ applications needs. Our global network of manufacturing plants gives us the ability to serve customers around the world. And with products formulated to meet thousands of diverse end-use applications, we are experts in serving a wide variety of industries.

Our sales and production teams are backed by technical service and support that sets the industry standard. In an increasingly competitive world, you can count on Momentive to find a cost-effective and quality enhancing solution for all needs. As the world’s largest supplier of additives and the worldwide leader in the manufacturing of specialty chemicals for the forest products industry. Momentive Specialty Chemicals meet customers’ specific application needs with a total solutions approach of both products and services. Momentive Additive Technology Group offers a wide range of solutions. Momentive’s materials can be found in all kinds of products manufactured by different branches of the forest products industry.

As a Total Solutions Provider Momentive offers a complete set of unique, innovative and cost effective products for it's customers. Plus, it’s worldwide production network facilitates assured supply and prompt.