For furniture and flooring

New generation overlays for laminate industry (High pressure, short cycle & flooring).& the revolutionary dry press technology. Thanks to Glatfelter overlay papers, some floors can stand more stress than others.The P.H. Glatfelter Company is a US- American business with headquarters in York, Pennsylvania/USA. 3,600 Employees worldwide draw a $ 1,3 billion USD net sales.

The Composite Fibers Business Unit (CFBU) with production locations in England, France, and Germany employ 1,200 people. Headquarters for GLATFELTER Composite Fibers is Gernsbach in the Black Forest, simultaneously being the largest production site in the business units and ranks among the most modern paper mill in the world. GLATFELTER Composite Fibers Business Unit offers a broad portfolio of Food & Beverage filtration papers, Metallized Products, Composite Laminates as well as Technical Specialties.

For the laminate industry Glatfelter offers unique high end overlay papers be it for high pressure laminates or flooring laminates. Glatfelter is the first supplier worldwide to make use of inclined wire technology for the manufacture of overlay paper named as TVO/ADO grade. The paper produced from such machine is very voluminous even with low substance weight. The dimensional stability of this paper is remarkable and gives a very uniform trouble free impregnation. Only softwood pulp is used for TVO/ADO overlays which due to it’s long fibre and the voluminous nature imparted by the production process allows it to take in more resin as compared to conventional overlay paper. This essential property makes it the ideal overlay for dry pressing of high pressure laminates.