Flai, in operation since 1964, is a world renowned Italian press plate manufacturer. Under the visionary leadership of the President , Mr Pio Tosatto, Flai began as a company polishing stainless steels.Flai is well renowned for its innovative and creative advances in press plate productions. With continous research and development, Flai has today developed more than 3000 different finishes and is the preferred supplier of special finishes amongst it’s customers. Today, the market share of Flai is 80% to the Italian laminate industry and around 50% of the production is exported, mainly to the European and Asian markets.

Flai, soon after humble beginnings, began to supply mirror and matt finishes for manufacturing of decorative laminates and later for lamination of boards. In 1974 Flai achieved a major break- through by becoming the first Italian company to produce chemically etched stainless steel press plates. In 1994, in order to maintain our competitive edge, Flai made a crucial investment in a chrome plating unit, where press plates are hard chromed.

Flai mainly produces press plates on hardened stainless steel and uses steel grade AISI 410. The steel was developed by Avesta (now known as Outukumpu). AISI 410 is well known among Indian laminate producers due to its durability.