Dollken supplies furniture manufacturers throughout the world with thermoplastic edgebands and is one of the leading companies in the field. Within the group Doellken has its own production sites on four continents, has more than 1,350 employees, and realizes annual sales in excess of 240 million Euros. Since 2002 the Doellken Group has proven to be a strong and successful company under the umbrella of Surteco SE.

The Leader for Quality and Service Throughout Asia Doellken Pte Ltd Singapore, the regional sales office for Asia, continues to strengthen its positions as the leading edgebanding supplier throughout Asia. When open-edged chipboard needs finishing off - especially door fronts, worktops, carcasses, shelves and wall unit systems- then thermoplastic edgebands from Doellken come into play. They are used in all areas of daily life, such as the office, the kitchen and in bathrooms and living areas.

They are produced - depending on how they are to be used - from PVC, ABS, PP and PMMA (3D), in more than 250 diffrent dimensions in thicknesses ranging from 0.4 to 12 mm and in any required width - all of the very highest quality.

There is an almost Choice of colors and decorative finishes with more than 25,000 different effects, and the range is constantly being extended to include finishes that match those of leading board manufacturers around the world. Production sites close to our customers around the world ensure the very promptest delivery and a quick response to the requirements of the market.