Chiyoda, the original creators of Highland Pine today has more than 2,100 trendy designs of extremely natural wood reproductions and abstract prints in it’s range is considered as a trend setter in the printing industry. Chiyoda is operating in India since more than 2 ½ decades in close partnership with Sidmark. We are developing tailor made designs for the High pressure laminate and short cycle industry. Also we are closely working with architects and interior designers in developing new concepts. With Sidmark’s strong local distribution network Chiyoda has attained a leading position in the Indian market.

Chiyoda Europa is located in Genk, Belgium and belongs to Chiyoda Gravure Corporation, Tokyo, Japan. Based in 2 locations, an enthusiastic team and the use of cutting edge technology, Chiyoda is a customer oriented company with a comprehensive and extensive product range.

Chiyoda prints on classical decorative papers as well as pre-impregnated foils and lightweight papers (30-45 g/m²) creating lasting values for different life-styles to make life pleasant and comfortable. Chiyoda Europa is perfectly equipped to achieve top results in decorative printing. Engagement, creativity and performance are supported by hi-tech facilities. The company has installed an efficient and state-of-the-art gravure division to develop and engrave their printing cylinders in-house. Furthermore Chiyoda also produces it’s own printing inks.